CNG technicians doing a CNG fuel system inspection

CNG Fuel System Inspection

Lancer Energy has a team of certified CNG Fuel System inspectors available to fulfill your 3rd party inspection requirements for safety and insurance. Our comprehensive +60 point inspection covers the entire CNG Fuel System beyond standard CNG Cylinder/Tank inspections. Lancer Energy's' diligent CNG Fuel System inspection technicians ensure your system operates properly and adheres to DOT safety standards.

iPhone with alert that says, It's Almost Time to Reinspect

Automated Reminders

Lancer Energy's digital tracking system optimizes your reinspection process. You'll receive an automated email 90 days before CNG Fuel System Reinspection, and Lancer's operations team will follow up 45 days prior to ensure everything runs smoothly. The system digitally tracks CNG Cylinder/Tanks expiration dates and sends a notification email 1 year before expiration for budget planning. For procurement of a new CNG Cylinder/Tanks, which typically has a long lead time, Lancer's procurement team will provide assistance 9 months before expiration. Trust Lancer Energy to make your CNG Inspections and CNG Cylinder/Tanks replacements hassle-free.

CNG fuel system inspection certificates

Digital Certificate

Get the proof you need for insurance coverage with our digital certificate, which is generated from thorough inspection data of your CNG fuel system. Lancer Energy certified technicians ensure compliance with DOT regulations, providing you with an indisputable third-party certification that gives you the confidence and protection you need.

Open Book Pricing

At Lancer Energy, we believe in transparency and fairness, so our hourly-based pricing for CNG Fuel System Inspections have no hidden fees or unexpected charges. You can either bring your vehicle to our Las Vegas, NV or Bluffdale, UT shop or have one of our certified technicians travel to you, at only the cost of travel plus 15%. You can trust that you are getting a fair deal and the best service possible with Lancer Energy.