CNG bus at a CNG station


Vertically integrated in — Vehicle: conversions and maintenance, Station: engineering, procurement, and construction, Manufacturing: engineering and fabrication. Certified in multiple fuels and hands on experience with multiple technologies including — Methane: CNG, RNG, LNG, Hydrogen: SMR, electrofuel, fuel cell.



Strategy & Consultation

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Lancer Energy installing a CNG compressor for a CNG station

Before installing a station Lancer Energy guides you though a station sizing analysis process and site evaluation to understand your station’s needs and goals. Which could be new station construction, upgrades, expansions, and planning for potential future uses. Using Lancer Energy‘s team years of experience to properly engineer the most cost-effective and properly sized systems and equipment.


Emergency Servicing and Inspections

Lancer Energy maintaining and servicing a CNG station

Lancer Energy has established maintenance programs and performs station servicing on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis depending on your site-specific and company needs keeping your stations in optimal and lowest-cost-of-operation condition with maximum uptime. Lancer Energy offers a 24-Hour Emergency call out service.

Lancer Energy currently services and repairs numerous CNG station networks in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho. Our client list: Coke, Rio-Tinto, University of Utah, State of Utah, ACE Disposal, Canyon School District, Jordan School District, Geneva Rock, and many more.



Class 8 CNG Truck

Diagnostics & Repair

The Lancer Energy team has over 20 years of experience servicing and repairing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. Our knowledgeable experts know which systems are best for your fleet’s vehicles and needs. Through of affiliations with Eco Vehicle Systems, Landi Renzo, and Altech-Eco, we have the support needed to keep your vehicle on the road.

Conversion & Installation

Heavy Duty: Class 6-8

For class 6 to 8 trucks, Lancer Energy has teamed up with Momentum Fuel Systems to offer their advanced, best-of-class CNG technology. With Momentum engineering’s expertise and Lancer Energy’s installation experience and dedication to safety and service, we have created a CNG fuel system designed with drivers and fleet operators in mind. From the Cummins ISX12N, or an F750, we offer you a system to meet your specific needs.

Light/Med Duty : Class 1-5

Lancer Energy currently has systems available for General Motors, Dodge, and Ford vehicles, in both dedicated and bi-fuel options. Lancer Energy has been repairing, service, and installing EPA-Certified and factory-installed CNG vehicles for over 20 years. Lancer Energy only installs EPA-Certified systems because of their high quality and proven performance. Our kits are fully supported, with safety standards and approved installation and maintenance practices that preserve the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.